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Posted June 8, 2014 by MikeD in Comedy

“Escape From Tomorrow”

escape from tomorrow


Written and directed by Randy Moore

Starring Roy Abramsohn and Elena Schuber

If you have heard anything about “Escape From Tomorrow”, you know that it has achieved infamy for being filmed, without consent, inside Disney World. When it debuted at Sundance, the general consensus was that Disney would immediately sue, and the film would never see any kind of real release. Well, for whatever reason, Disney ignored the film completely and thanks to the powers that be it is now free to watch on Netflix.

The premise of the film was enough to draw me in. A man ,vacationing with his family at Disney World, finds out he has lost his job and then slowly proceeds to lose his sanity. Horrific things start happening to him, his family turns on him, and his darkest impulses begin to control him. Sounds like a treat for the entire family to watch!

The film has a very eerie vibe throughout. There are unsettling themes including but not limited to an Oedipus like affection that the son in the family has for his mother. There are also some almost too creepy scenes in which the father (Abramsohn) turn sexual predator on a couple of teenage French tourists that he stalks around the theme park. Basically beginning to end “Escape From Tomorrow” is like an extremely dark, adult spin on “Alice in Wonderland”. Creepy characters are everywhere, there is an unrelenting feeling of doom pertaining to the “Protagonist” (if you can call him that), and all the while you keep worrying about where all of this is going.

The movie is far from perfect, but in the end I enjoyed it and would watch it again if only to hear the reactions of those I watched it with. I really liked the whole “Evil side of Disney” aspect of the film. The cinematography is also very appealing (I am a huge fan of black and white), and the acting is good across the board. Watch this on a day you are in the mood for something Terry Gilliamesque. You won’t be disappointed.

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