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Posted April 1, 2015 by MikeD in featured

Eat – A unique, fun, and effectively gross body horror flick


Written and directed by: Jimmy Weber

Starring: Meggie Maddock, Ali Francis, Dakota Pike, Maru Garcia, and Jeremy Make

Novella (Maddock) can’t catch a break. She goes to every audition she can, but she can’t ever seem to get a part. She has a sweet old lady for a land lord (Garcia) but she is being evicted. Guys buy her drinks at the club, but then they drug her and try to rape her (don’t worry… they are dealt with). Everything just keeps going from bad to worse. If that wasn’t bad enough, Novella has a bit of a tendency to… well… chew on herself when she is stressed.

Body horror is one of the few types of films that actually get to me (in a “Look away because I just can’t stand to see that” way). Cronenberg’s “Scanners” was the first film of the sub-genre I remember seeing, but in recent years there have been a few goodies (or grossies). Eric England gave us “Contracted”, and more recently Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer gave us the impeccable “Starry Eyes”. Well, ladies and gents, add “Eat” to that list.

What Jimmy Weber has done is created a sort of hybrid between “Descent into madness” and “Cannibalistic horror” mixed with a struggling actress in her 30s story line in the background. It works to perfection. I never lost interest for a second, the gory bits definitely had their desired effect, and the acting is solid all the way around. Maddock seems to really get into the bloody self harm of her character and that only adds to how disturbing her insane level of nail biting is. She should have a “Scream Queen” type of career in the horror genre ahead of her. The score is also wonderful and deserves recognition for rounding out the already tonal movie. There is a song during a terrific opening scene that had me already thinking “I am going to enjoy this movie”.

If blood makes you squeamish, look elsewhere for your entertainment. “Eat” is also probably not a good choice for date night. But, if you are in the mood for some good ol’ fashion shudder inducing gore and a pretty leading lady who will make you think twice about ever dating again… Look no further.




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