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Posted December 5, 2014 by MikeD in featured

Displacement Welcomed – A touching short film


Written and directed by: Evan Kidd

Starring: April Vickery and Avery Hobbs

A young woman returns home to deal with her father’s disappearance. However, along the way, it’s a homeless woman who helps her find what she truly seeks. That is the plot synopsis on the website for “Displacement Welcomed”. That is not enough though to get to the heart of this touching short film from writer/director Evan Kidd.

The film centers on two women. Skylar (Hobbs) is traveling back home from being abroad, searching for answers to where her father is. Norma (Vickery) is a homeless woman who, by her own admission, has ended up in that situation as a result of her own bad choices and a feeling like nothing she does could possibly help repair the mistakes she has made.

Skylar insists that the life Norma is leading doesn’t have to be her future, and sets out to help her. In an act of selfless kindness, Skylar changes Norma’s life in a hugely positive way. So, what we see is that an encounter can lead to an opportunity, which can lead to an act, which can alter lives. The message is quite beautiful, and if more people were like Skylar this world would be a far better place.

The cinematography was a tad jumpy at times, but that in no way takes away from the story. A story which is delivered by good performances by both leads. It was refreshing to see a film (even a short) that is carried entirely by two independent and strong women. The story is solid, and in fact I would like to see this short be fleshed out into a full length movie. Bravo!

Watch the film at it’s web site here



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