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Posted December 31, 2014 by MikeD in Drama

Coherence – A challenging, well-crafted tale


Written and directed by: James Ward Byrkit

Starring: Emily Baldoni, Maury Sterling, Nicholas Brendon, Hugo Armstrong, and Lauren Maher

In the opening moments of “Coherence”, we are introduced to Em (Baldoni) who is on her way to a dinner party. While talking to her boyfriend Kevin (Sterling) the call cuts out. Moments later, her phone screen shatters out of nowhere. She arrives at the dinner party, and explains to the others that she believes her phone broke due to the comet that is passing above. But, that is only the first of many strange (and seemingly supernatural) occurrences that take place, and as things escalate paranoia begins to creep in.

This movie can have many different adjectives attributed to it. The words strange, mind-bending, and surreal all come to mind. Whatever it is though, it is a very good, low budget, character driven film that I will be watching again very soon. It reminded me a lot of “Primer” in that while the acting was good and the improved dialogue effective, it is the scientific implications of the story that had me smiling all the way through. An exploration of quantum physics is always a great thing to base a film on, in my humble opinion. To do so though you need an intriguing story and effective acting and “Coherence” has both.

I will say that this is not a pop corn movie. It requires all of your attention and you will definitely be exercising your brain, but the payoff is well worth it. I’ve said this before, but in a year (2014) of many good indie films, this is one that everyone should see.



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