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Posted October 24, 2015 by MikeD in featured

‘Circle’ is a surprisingly effective sci-fi flick


Written and directed by: Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione

Starring: Julie Benz, Carter Jenkins, Sara Sanderson, Michael McLafferty, and Michael Nardelli

50 People wake up in a room, after being abducted by aliens. Few of them remember anything about how they got there, but one thing is quickly clear: if they move off of the circle they are standing on, they die. After a few initial minuted of panic, the group begins to attempt to find out what exactly is going on. They soon realize that they are participating in a kind of extraterrestrial experiment, in which one by one they must choose who will die next.

Many factors come into play. Race, social status, religion, and age all play a part in who the hive-minded group decides to kill off. Like in real life, some people are noble and just, sacrificing themselves for the greater good and some are selfish and manipulative. It makes little difference though, as more and more die and are quickly vanished.

Hann and Miscione created a pretty decent thriller, in the vein of “The Twilight Zone”. There are some moments where the dialogue becomes a bit repetitive, and the fact that certain people are being allowed to live becomes a bit infuriating, but overall “Circle” is entertaining enough throughout to ignore those small issues. It can be difficult to keep the viewer’s interest with a “One room with minimal special effects” type of film, but the writer/director duo accomplish the feat. It will be interesting to see what the two of them will be able to do, given a bigger budget, in the future.




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