Short film

Short Film Of The Month: Mafia Exorcist

Our short film of the month is back (at least temporarily), and is going to be more focused on local films from our hometown of Portland, OR. Posted above is the award-winning, horror short “Mafia Exorcist”. Produce...

Review: “The Deja Vuers” Is A Quirky, Fun Short Film

In this comedic short film, a man named Chuck (Kris Salvi) sees a woman (Christie Devine) in a park that he had a dream about before he even knew who she was. In his dream, she was sitting on a park bench, enjoying a fruit cock...

Review: “Leftovers” Hits Hard In Its 12 Minutes

Let’s get one thing straight right now: I love short films. I love short films, short stories, short songs; anything that can encapsulate strong feelings and emotion in such tight parameters. It’s interesting to me ...


Review: “Emotional Motor Unit”

I am always impresses at the ability, of well-made short films, to say something powerful in a small time frame. Director Adam Nelson (“Little Pieces”), with help from writer Xènia Puiggrós, accomplishes just that, ...

Review: “Something Blue” Packs A Lot of Emotion Into A Short Film

One of the perks of doing a job like this is we get sent films from all over the world from all kinds of creators looking for reviews before their films are set to come out. While the general public is going about their day and...

The Final Obsession

Written and directed by: Adam Theroux Starring: Wensday Greenbaum and Dan White Rebecca Hughes (Greenbaum) is a “Made for  television” actress who has the perfect life. Career-wise, romantically, ect. it is all good...

Short film

Please Punish Me – A short film about the “Curse” of good luck and paying it forward

Written by: Tom Paolino and Rich Camp Directed by: Chris Esper Starring: David Sackal and Joanna Donofrio Scottie (Sackal) is a businessman who is about to receive a promotion at his job. He is unhappy with this though, because...

This guy’s Transformers stop action short film is amazing!

The stop action short is everything the original “Transformers” fan could want and more. Check it out below!

Blue Dream – A powerful, short documentary on perseverance

Written by: Gergö Elekes, Kinga Galambos, Kitti Galambos, and József Gallai Starring: Kinga Galambos “Blue Dream” is a 5 minute short about Hungarian swimmer Kinga Galambos and her perseverance through cancer. The n...


Aftermath (Akibet) – A short film about the loss of loved ones

Written and directed by: Tofic Rzayev Starring: Gizem Aybike Sahin and Berkan Uygun Aftermath is a Turkish short film centered on a brother and sister who have just lost their parents. The film spends it’s 8 minute run ti...