“Buster’s Mal Heart” Is A Beautiful, Trippy Sophomore Effort From Sarah Adina Smith

  In 2014, Sarah Adina Smith made a splash in the indie world with her directorial debut “The Midnight Swim”. It took just that one film for Smith to showcase her talent, in both writing and directing, and anno...

Review: Netflix’s “The Discovery” Takes On the Afterlife

One of the biggest fears that is inherent in pretty much everyone is what happens to us after we die. No matter how bad this physical life we are currently living in gets, anything is better than the unknown. There have been mu...

Netflix Recommendation: “The Similars” Is A Bizarre and Hilarious Journey

Pretty much every day at least a few people post on Facebook that they need recommendations on something to watch. They’ve seen all the big Hollywood releases they wanted to, they’ve watched the classics for the hun...


Throwback Thursday Review: “Predator” (1987)

  When I think of 80s movies, I think mostly of three genres: horror, action, and sci-fi. These three genres dominated the decade of excess with an over-the-top amount of violence, blood, and larger than life characters an...

Review: Netflix Original “iBoy” Is A Fun Sci-Fi Flick

I love me some Netflix Originals. Even if some end up being not good, I always enjoy the excitement of feeling that what I’m about to watch is somehow untainted. As if Netflix made a movie just for me; a film so secretive...

Review: “Let’s Be Evil” Wants To Be More Than It is

Obesity, laziness, consumerism, and lack of education. According to “Let’s Be Evil”, these are things that the youth of America are facing these days and the film spends ten minutes talking about that and then...


Review: “Emotional Motor Unit”

I am always impresses at the ability, of well-made short films, to say something powerful in a small time frame. Director Adam Nelson (“Little Pieces”), with help from writer Xènia Puiggrós, accomplishes just that, ...

Review: “Somnus” Falls Short of Being an Epic, Sci-fi Thriller

  “In the far reaches of our galaxy, a cargo vessel crash lands on an asteroid colonized by forgotten inhabitants with a dark past”. This was the intriguing description of “Somnus” at Amazon Video, ...

Throwback Thursday Review: “Swamp Thing” (1982)

  “Swamp Thing” is a strange beast indeed. It was originally marketed as a horror / sci- fi feature, which is understandable, given that it was written and directed by Wes Craven. Yes, the same Wes Craven that ...


31 Days of Horror: “Nightmare Weekend” (1986)

  Ladies and gentlemen, we may have a winner! I don’t mean that in a good way. I mean it in a “This might be the worst movie ever made!” way. Over the decades, Troma has given us hundreds if not thousands...