Indie Films

31 Days of Horror: “Breeders” (1986)

  You know those movies, that are so bad, so ridiculous, so WTF?! that it seems like the only reason, for their existence, is to be featured on MST3K? Well… there were a lot of those, in the 80s. Hundreds, if not tho...

31 Days of Horror: “Lace Crater” Is Indie Horror at It’s Best.

  What a year, for indie horror! While blockbuster, studio films largely disappointed, and 90% of the films out there were re-makes, reboots, or some other re-nonsense, indie horror has a banner year. Up until this point, ...

31 Days of Horror: “The Chair”

We continue our “31 Days of Horror”, with a movie that I personally have been waiting to review, for quite some time. “The Chair” was the first film project I ever contributed to, on Kickstarter, back in...


31 Days of Horror: “She Kills”

  Don’t look now, but exploitation flicks are making a huge comeback! With movies like “Dear God No!”, “Father’s Day”, “All Hell Breaks Loose” and the upcoming “Franken...

31 Days Of Horror: “The Windmill Massacre”

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No not Christmas… October! That wonderful little month, when all of the leaves change, the air has a crisp, cool feeling, and for 31 days I (and all of you who are like me a...

Review: “Goat” Felt Incomplete; Didn’t go As Far As I Thought It Would

Brad and Brett (Ben Schnetzer and Nick Jonas) are brothers that both attend the same college. When Brad rushes the fraternity that Brett is already a part of is when their loyalty to each other is tested yet never strained. ...


Review: “Plank Face”

The folks at Bandit Motion Pictures are doing something very important. Folks like Scott Schirmer and Brian Williams, who are having a banner year in 2016 with the release of both “Harvest Lake” (Review here) and no...

Review: “Hunt for the Wilderpeople”

Taika Waititi is the most exciting voice, in comedy, today. From “Flight of the Concords” to “What We Do in the Shadows”, his work has supplied both moments of deeply touching emotion and riotous laughte...

Review: “I Am Not A Serial Killer” Is A Slice Of Indie Films At Their Best

Every so often a film comes along that you haven’t heard much about but that surprises you with how original and good it is. “I Am Not A Serial Killer” is one of those movies. Getting a relatively unknown cast...


Review: “The Neon Demon” Is Original and Beautiful; But That May Not Be Enough

Nicolas Winding Refn consistently gives us films that are beautiful to look at, slower in pace, and go so far against the conventional that you can’t help but respect them. This does not always mean that you will love eve...