Indie Films

Review: “Joshy” Surrounds the Drama of Its Story With Comedy and Emotion

While Jeff Baena’s “Joshy” boasts an ensemble cast of comedic actors, at no point does it feel like it was ever just going for the laughs. Instead, Baena starts off with a very harrowing scene and then keeps i...

Review: The Netflix Original “Mercy” Has None On the Viewer

My fiancee and I have a rule in our house where every movie we start that we’re not entirely sure about we give the “ten minute test”. If it doesn’t catch our attention in the first ten minutes, or if it...

Review: “Emotional Motor Unit”

I am always impresses at the ability, of well-made short films, to say something powerful in a small time frame. Director Adam Nelson (“Little Pieces”), with help from writer Xènia Puiggrós, accomplishes just that, ...


Review: “Captain Fantastic” Should Be Mandatory Viewing For Everyone

Ben (Viggo Mortensen) and his late wife decided to raise their six children in the wilderness, far away from the pressures of society and all of the things that come with it that promise to distract from truly learning the ways...

Review: “Somnus” Falls Short of Being an Epic, Sci-fi Thriller

  “In the far reaches of our galaxy, a cargo vessel crash lands on an asteroid colonized by forgotten inhabitants with a dark past”. This was the intriguing description of “Somnus” at Amazon Video, ...

Review: “The Monster” Features Two Wonderful Performances, But Feels a Little Too Familiar

  Horror audiences will quickly recognize the metaphorical horror, in Bryan Bertino’s new creature feature “The Monster”. The manifestation of emotional pain into something deadly and horrific has been do...


Review: “Wolf Mother”

  Erik Peter Carlson has been firmly planted, in the middle of my “Directors to pay close attention to” list, since the release of his gut-wrenching, 2014 drama “The Toy Soldiers”. It was one of my ...

Review: “Something Blue” Packs A Lot of Emotion Into A Short Film

One of the perks of doing a job like this is we get sent films from all over the world from all kinds of creators looking for reviews before their films are set to come out. While the general public is going about their day and...

31 Days of Horror: “She Was So Pretty”

  I am a firm believer in the thought that, when reviewing a movie, the budget that the creative team had to work with should always be taken into account. I have been extremely impressed, with a handful of indie horror fi...


31 Days Of Horror: “HoneyBee” Is A Train Wreck I Couldn’t Look Away From

It’s October. The month of Halloween celebrations. The time of the year when everyone gets in the horror spirit and we aim to scare ourselves, enjoy everything terrifying, and do our best to scare others. It’s the m...