Review: “The Love Witch” Is A Perfect Blend Of Style And Substance

  Writer/director/everything-in-between Anna Biller accomplishes more than a few impressive things, in her new film “The Love Witch”. Mixing her own witch’s brew of glorious Technicolor, wardrobe, and sco...

Review: “The Girl With All the Gifts” Is a Fresh, New take on the Zombie Sub-genre

  It is far from easy, to create a zombie movie that feels original these days. The genre has been done to death, and more often than not the results are ho-hum at best. In director Colm McCarthy’s “The Girl Wi...

Review: “Let’s Be Evil” Wants To Be More Than It is

Obesity, laziness, consumerism, and lack of education. According to “Let’s Be Evil”, these are things that the youth of America are facing these days and the film spends ten minutes talking about that and then...


Throwback Thursday Review: “Silent Night, Deadly Night” (1984)

  I love movie lists, and naturally, my favorite of these tend to arise from my genre of choice, Horror. Recently I happened upon a list in which Horror movie expert Mark H Harris offered up his opinions regarding the top ...

Review: “Beyond the Gates” is 80s nostalgia at it’s finest

Wait… so you are telling me there is a horror film, about a VHS board game that terrorizes two brothers (Graham Skipper and Chase Williamson) , and it has not only those guys but also Brea Grant, Sara Malakul Lane, and th...

Review: “The Eyes of My Mother”

If there is one type of film that is guaranteed to peak my interest, it is a polarizing, independent horror. That is especially true when opinions on the movie differ, in large part, because of how dark or unsettling the themes...


Review: The Netflix Original “Mercy” Has None On the Viewer

My fiancee and I have a rule in our house where every movie we start that we’re not entirely sure about we give the “ten minute test”. If it doesn’t catch our attention in the first ten minutes, or if it...

Review: “The Monster” Features Two Wonderful Performances, But Feels a Little Too Familiar

  Horror audiences will quickly recognize the metaphorical horror, in Bryan Bertino’s new creature feature “The Monster”. The manifestation of emotional pain into something deadly and horrific has been do...

Review: “Fear, Inc.” Ranks In the Top of the Horror Comedy Genre

Joe Foster (Lucas Neff) is a horror movie junkie. One of his favorite games to play is saying what your favorite death scene is in any movie from the genre and then he will change the rules and mention The Red Wedding from Game...


Throwback Thursday Review: “Swamp Thing” (1982)

  “Swamp Thing” is a strange beast indeed. It was originally marketed as a horror / sci- fi feature, which is understandable, given that it was written and directed by Wes Craven. Yes, the same Wes Craven that ...