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31 Days Of Horror: “The Windmill Massacre”

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No not Christmas… October! That wonderful little month, when all of the leaves change, the air has a crisp, cool feeling, and for 31 days I (and all of you who are like me a...

Review: “Hunt for the Wilderpeople”

Taika Waititi is the most exciting voice, in comedy, today. From “Flight of the Concords” to “What We Do in the Shadows”, his work has supplied both moments of deeply touching emotion and riotous laughte...

Netflix Recommendation: “Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story)” Is An Anti-cautionary Tale About Teen Sex

Teenage sexuality is not a new topic, in the world of movies. It has been portrayed harshly in films like “Kids” and “It Felt Like Love”, and humorously in “American Pie” and other films of t...


Review: “What We Become”

There is not typically a lot of excitement, in small, suburban neighborhoods. With quiet streets, and friendly people, the average summer day usually consists of community picnics, going to the river, and, if you are a teenage ...

Throwback Thursday Review: “Inside” (2007)

There were a slew of good to great, French, horror films, in the first decade of this century. Films like “Martyrs”, “Haute Tension”, and “Trouble Every Day” all melted my brains, the first t...

Netflix Recommendation: ‘A Pigeon Sat On A Branch’ Is Existential Gold

Life is nothing but a series of small moments that connect together to create a larger picture, and Roy Andersson depicts this beautifully in the third installment of his “living” trilogy (‘Songs From the Seco...


Netflix Recommendation: “Darkness On the Edge of Town”

When Cleo’s estranged sister, Sophie, is murdered in a public restroom, she will stop at nothing to bring the attacker to justice. While she puts herself in dangerous situations and takes her anger and sadness out on anyo...

Review: “Baskin” Isn’t For Everybody, But Will No Doubt Be Considered A Classic

When a group of cops get a distress call, they journey to an abandoned Police building to help out any survivors. Once inside, they realize that they’ve entered into the mouth of Hell and turning back is no longer an opti...

Review: “Sing Street”

  Anyone who has seen writer/director John Carney’s films “Once” or “Begin Again” should have a pretty good idea what he is about. He clearly loves (and has a good ear for) music. He also enjo...


Review of “Bunny the Killer Thing”

Written and directed by: Joonas Makkonen Starring: Enni Ojutkangas, Hiski Hämäläinen, Roope Olenius, Jari Manninen, Veera W. Vilo, Olli Saarenpää, and Vincent Tsang Rated: NR Run time: 88 minutes What does one expect, when sitt...