31 Days of Horror: “Time to Kill” (2014)

We are almost to the half way point, for our 31 Days of Horror, and David, Michael P., and I are running into a bit of a problem. We are getting increasingly low, on new horror films to watch. To remedy this, I decided to look ...

31 Days of Horror: “Breeders” (1986)

  You know those movies, that are so bad, so ridiculous, so WTF?! that it seems like the only reason, for their existence, is to be featured on MST3K? Well… there were a lot of those, in the 80s. Hundreds, if not tho...

31 Days of Horror: “She Kills”

  Don’t look now, but exploitation flicks are making a huge comeback! With movies like “Dear God No!”, “Father’s Day”, “All Hell Breaks Loose” and the upcoming “Franken...


Review: “Plank Face”

The folks at Bandit Motion Pictures are doing something very important. Folks like Scott Schirmer and Brian Williams, who are having a banner year in 2016 with the release of both “Harvest Lake” (Review here) and no...

Review: ‘The Editor’ Is Over the Top Fun

From the opening scene, ‘The Editor’ lets you know what type of movie it is: an over-the-top horror-comedy that has no qualms with gratuitous violence, sex, and the use of over-dubbing. In other words, it’s so...

Review: “Carnage Park” Is A Stylized Horror Film That Plays By Its Own Rules

Our story begins in California, 1978, three years after the Vietnam war. The first words we hear are from the mouth of Wyatt Moss (Pat Healy); a veteran sniper that feels he’s been forgotten by the country that he was onc...


“Dust Up” is weird, and wild, grindhouse fun

Written and directed by: Ward Roberts Starring: Amber Benson, Aaron Gaffey, Jeremiah Birkett, Devin Barry, Travis Betz, and Ezra Buzzington Distributed by: Breaking Glass Pictures Drexel Box films are one of the more unique fil...