Throwback Thursday Review: “Die Hard” (1988)

  At a time when big blockbuster action movies were exploding onto the big screen faster than machine-gun fire, “Die Hard” emerged as one of the very best of its kind. It was a huge success both critically and ...

Review: “Come and Find Me” Is a Smart, Satisfying Thriller

  So, let’s say you meet someone. Eventually that someone becomes THAT someone, as you fall in love and move in together. Then… one day… they disappear without a trace, leaving you to wonder what happened...

Review: “Nerve” Starts Out With Good Intentions; Loses Its Way Quickly

Based on the novel by Jeanne Ryan, “Nerve” centers on a young woman, Vee (Emma Roberts), who’s tired of her best friend Sydney (Emily Meade) getting more attention than her while she kind of hangs out in the b...


Review: “Wolf Mother”

  Erik Peter Carlson has been firmly planted, in the middle of my “Directors to pay close attention to” list, since the release of his gut-wrenching, 2014 drama “The Toy Soldiers”. It was one of my ...

Review: “In A Valley of Violence” is ‘John Wick’ In the Old West

One thing every movie villain should know by now is never kill the dog of a man you don’t quite understand. Unfortunately for the villains in “In A Valley of Violence” they don’t have electricity so lear...

31 Days Of Horror: “Freaks Of Nature” Is An Insanely Fun Experience

Dillford. A small, quiet town. Just like any other town you may have been to but with one small twist: it’s a place where humans, zombies and vampires all live together. They’ve found a way to coexist; vampires teac...


Review: “Hell Or High Water” Is Easily Looked Over, but Shouldn’t Be

Much of the movie-going audience, if not all, decide whether or not they will see a movie based on the trailer. There are definitely movies that can’t, or don’t, show a whole lot when they release said trailer yet o...

Throwback Thursday Review: “Bad Girls” (1994)

Westerns were all the rage, for a while, in the 90s. They came in all shapes and sizes. There were the good (“Tombstone”, “Unforgiven”) the bad (“Wild, Wild West”, “Posse”) and th...

Review: “Suicide Squad” Is A Jumbled Mess

Alright. Suicide Squad. Right. Let’s get to it. I know that the reviews for this movie have been awful. I wanted them to be wrong. I really did. The problem is: they aren’t. There is an audience for this film, somew...


Throwback Thursday Review: “Hook” (1991)

There are few movies I can watch again and again and feel the same excitement, have the same emotional investment, each and every time I watch them. “The Shawshank Redemption” is definitely one of them, as well as &...