Review: “Come and Find Me” Is a Smart, Satisfying Thriller

  So, let’s say you meet someone. Eventually that someone becomes THAT someone, as you fall in love and move in together. Then… one day… they disappear without a trace, leaving you to wonder what happened...

Review: “Nerve” Starts Out With Good Intentions; Loses Its Way Quickly

Based on the novel by Jeanne Ryan, “Nerve” centers on a young woman, Vee (Emma Roberts), who’s tired of her best friend Sydney (Emily Meade) getting more attention than her while she kind of hangs out in the b...

Review: “Wolf Mother”

  Erik Peter Carlson has been firmly planted, in the middle of my “Directors to pay close attention to” list, since the release of his gut-wrenching, 2014 drama “The Toy Soldiers”. It was one of my ...


Review: “In A Valley of Violence” is ‘John Wick’ In the Old West

One thing every movie villain should know by now is never kill the dog of a man you don’t quite understand. Unfortunately for the villains in “In A Valley of Violence” they don’t have electricity so lear...

31 Days Of Horror: “Freaks Of Nature” Is An Insanely Fun Experience

Dillford. A small, quiet town. Just like any other town you may have been to but with one small twist: it’s a place where humans, zombies and vampires all live together. They’ve found a way to coexist; vampires teac...

Review: “Hell Or High Water” Is Easily Looked Over, but Shouldn’t Be

Much of the movie-going audience, if not all, decide whether or not they will see a movie based on the trailer. There are definitely movies that can’t, or don’t, show a whole lot when they release said trailer yet o...


Throwback Thursday Review: “Bad Girls” (1994)

Westerns were all the rage, for a while, in the 90s. They came in all shapes and sizes. There were the good (“Tombstone”, “Unforgiven”) the bad (“Wild, Wild West”, “Posse”) and th...

Review: “Suicide Squad” Is A Jumbled Mess

Alright. Suicide Squad. Right. Let’s get to it. I know that the reviews for this movie have been awful. I wanted them to be wrong. I really did. The problem is: they aren’t. There is an audience for this film, somew...

Throwback Thursday Review: “Hook” (1991)

There are few movies I can watch again and again and feel the same excitement, have the same emotional investment, each and every time I watch them. “The Shawshank Redemption” is definitely one of them, as well as &...


Review: “In the Deep” Is A Good, Not Great, Shark Movie

Alright. A lot of weird things going on with this movie so I’m not even sure this review will be necessary until next Summer, but we’re going to go with it anyway. Let’s start at the beginning: “In the D...