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Posted January 9, 2015 by MikeD in featured

Cam2Cam – A beautiful, capable cast falls victim to an incoherent script


Written by: Marie Gautier, Davy Sihali, and Joel Soisson

Directed by: Joel Soisson

Starring: Tammin Sursok, Ben Wiggins, Sarah Bonrepaux, Jade Tailor, and Russell Geoffrey Banks

Lucy (Tailor) is an American tourist, staying in Bangkok and living in a rundown tenement building. Her neighbors are a group of beautiful twenty-somethings who spend their time (and earn their living) on an erotic social networking site called Cam2CamXXX. One night, while engaging in flirtatious (and unreadable) chatting with another young woman on the site, Lucy realizes something is wrong. Before she can figure it out, she is terrorized and murdered. The end of this extended length, opening scene also marks the end of suspense and tensity in the movie itself.

For the next 3/4 of the film, we continue to follow this strange group of poverty-stricken super models as they welcome Allie (Sursok), a new American tourist, to the building and also to the site. A muddy, twisty-turny plot unfolds, everyone’s dark secrets are revealed, and by the end you are left thinking “Meh”. The reason being that to many of the details fail miserably at their attempt to add to the substance of the movie. You never get used to the premise of why they are doing what they do on the site. For horror fans coming to see the blood and/or sex, there is little of both as most of the killing happens off camera and what sexuality there is, is really just a vehicle used to signify that the person involved is either about to die or already dead.

The cast is a capable one. They all do what they can with the sophomoric script they were given. Sarah Bonrepaux especially seems to have the beauty and acting chops that lead to a long, fun, and fan boy filled career in the genre. But, alas the cast’s looks and Bonrepaux and Sursok’s commitment to diving into their characters are not enough to save the movie from it’s glaring flaws. To bad, because I liked the premise and thought it would be a fun ride.

I would only recommend this movie to people who can look past a terrible script and ridiculous plot holes in order to see some eye candy. I would also warn that this is not one of those delightful “It’s so awful that it’s amazing” horror films. I would say stay away and seek your night’s entertainment elsewhere.





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