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Posted May 3, 2014 by MikeD in Action

Blue Ruin – “The man with the gun tells the truth”

“Blue Ruin” ,from writer/ director Jeremy Saulnier, first popped up on my radar when I read about it on a list of indie films to watch for in 2014. The story didn’t sound incredibly original. A man returns home, to get revenge on the man who murdered his parents and is now being released from prison. This starts a bloody war, between him and the murderer’s family. 

    What sets Saulnier’s film apart from other revenge films is the emotional depth of the main character Dwight (Macon Blair) and the tense atmosphere of the entire film. This is due in large part to brilliant cinematography and a haunting score. In every scene, even ones of Dwight driving alone, I found myself unable to relax, wondering what was going to happen.

     Much like a Nicolas Winding Refn film, “Blue Ruin” has minimal dialogue and relies mostly on situational story telling. Macon Blair gives Dwight a deep persona with a solid performance and succeeds in conveying his emotions through facial expression and body language. I highly recommend this movie to any fans of film noir or atmospheric dramas. I will definitely be waiting to see what Jeremy Saulnier does next.

Blue Ruin Trailer



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