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‘Prevenge’ Is All About Postpartum Depression and Murder

Ruth is seven months pregnant, and has spent seven months being a widow. Her husband died in a rock climbing accident, but Ruth and her unborn daughter — who is telling her what to do from the womb — don’t bel...

‘The Belko Experiment’ Feels Familiar Yet Original At the Same Time

We have seen the movie where a group of people are forced to conspire against and kill one another in order for their own survival.  The movie that tops that list, for me, would be “Battle Royale” whereas the most p...

“68 Kill” Is A Woman-Fueled Bloodbath

“A woman calling the shots. I like it. If you ask me, there should be a few more of us in the world” – Liza   Women, murder, sex, guns, and comedy. Five words that perfectly sum up Trent Haaga’s new...


“Free Fire” Is A Creative Shoot-Em-Up Style Comedy

Ben Wheatley (High-Rise, Kill List, Sightseers) is no stranger to creating quirky characters that are dropped into extraordinary situations. With his most recent film, “Free Fire”, it’s more of the same from t...

“It Comes At Night” Is A Moody Psychological Thriller That Will Appeal To A Specific Audience

A24 has carved out a niche of delivering films that rely heavier on their message and symbolism than they do content. Where your big budget films feel like they have to constantly have something going on, the films A24 picks up...

“War Machine” Proves To Be A Ho-Hum Affair

We’ve all seen that person that tries everything to fit into a social setting they’re not naturally inclined to be a part of. Whether it’s trying to be too angry, too happy, too funny, or too crazy, I know I&#...


“Small Crimes” Feels Like A Big Movie Crammed Into A Short Script

With everything Macon Blair has his hands in, I’m always curious how they’re going to turn such a simplistic script into a full-length feature film. Punk band takes on Nazis in “Green Room”, guy looks fo...

“Uncle Howard” Is A Heartbreaking and Courageous Documentary

Howard Brookner was one of the most talented directors and interesting people that you have never heard of. A film director whose student film in college was a documentary on William Burroughs in which he followed the prolific ...

“Casting JonBenet” Scratches the Surface Of Being Interesting

The JonBenet Ramsey murder case is one of the most terrifying in the fact that the victim was a six year old girl and the case, twenty-one years later, remains unsolved. If you’ve even heard a bit about the case (which ev...


“Oklahoma City” Is A Harrowing and Poignant Documentary

April 1995. Oklahoma City. Timothy McVeigh detonated a bomb in the back of a Ryder Truck parked inside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building, killing 168 people; nine of which were children. He cited the events at Ruby Ridge an...