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Posted January 27, 2016 by MikeD in featured

“All Too Human” looks like a quality dark comedy from the Portland indie film scene

all too human 2

Coming straight out of our home town Portland, Oregon is a new dark comedy about the meaning (or lack thereof?) of life. Directed by Travis Brown, the film is coming soon from The Signal Productions. I’ve got to say that, from the look of the trailer (below), it looks not only funny but pretty brutal too. That is just the way I like my dark comedies! Take a look, and if you like what you see hop over to the film’s page and help them finish making it http://www.thesignalproductions.com/#!alltoohuman/cfvg


  • Plot Summary: After struggling with years of severe depression, Mark has decided that today is the day to
    end his misery. There is no moral or spiritual philosophy that can bring about Mark’s salvation and
    convince him that suicide is not the most pragmatic choice to make. Driven by this hard, cold logic he
    decides to cut himself off from those around him and tries to take his life, but no matter how he tries to
    accomplish his task, life gets in the way. Throughout his journey, many would-be saviors attempt to
    convince him that life does in fact have meaning and is worth living. Can any of them get through to Mark
    and change his mind?




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