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Posted September 13, 2014 by MikeD in Action

All Hell Breaks Loose – “In two words: sadistically delightful”


Written by: Jacy Morris

Directed by: Jeremy Garner

Starring: Nick Forrest, Joshua Lee Frazier, Tommy Hestmark, Sarah Kobel Marquette, Ehren McGhehey, Todd A. Robinson, Joseph Sullivan, and Casey Vann

A newly married couple encounters a biker gang from hell (literally) on their honeymoon. They are called “Satan’s Sinners” and they are not bringing the newlyweds any wedding gifts. Instead, they kidnap the blushing bride and kill the husband… or so they think. Little do they know that the man they think is dead has god (or a magical cowboy) on his side. Now, with the help of a sheriff and a perverted priest, he is coming to get his wife back no matter what it takes.

That is a quick synopsis of a film that really exceeded my expectations, especially in the fun department. The only thing I knew going in was what little I had heard from Tromeric over at Guts and Grog. That was that it was a fun film that was hard to pigeon hole into one particular genre. I took his word and what I got was an ass kicking, laugh inducing, evil good time. You want gore? You got it. You want comedy? All Hell Breaks Loose has hilarity in every form. You want a unique plot that holds your interest? Yep… that’s here too. Throw in a rockin’ soundtrack and you’ve got a great popcorn flick that is a blast from beginning to end.

As a movie lover that typically goes for dark, bleak, emotional dramas I felt like this film was a nice change of pace. It was a great way for me to venture further into the exploitation/grindhouse flicks that have always been missing from my movie watching life. Certainly right up there with “Dear God No!” for me on a scale of how much I enjoyed the viewing experience.

I’m not saying this movie is “Casablanca” or “Vertigo”. This is low budget to be sure. But, low budget done intelligently with the focus on the right aspects of making an enjoyable movie. Definitely watch it. Just don’t take it too seriously and enjoy it for what it is. If you can do that, you will really enjoy this movie. I know I did.




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