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Posted July 8, 2014 by MikeD in featured

“Afflicted” – this is how you do found footage.


Written, directed by and starring: Derek Lee and Cliff Prowse

“Afflicted” is one of the rare movies that I went into having somewhat low expectations (mostly due to the whole found footage thing), and ended up really enjoying. It starts slow, but then builds at a perfect pace into a very good horror film. A difficult feet when you have to overcome the fact that the genre (and sub-genre) is very played out to the point where even most horror hounds detest it.

Derek and Clif are best friends who set out to go on the vacation we all wish we could go on. They decide to document the whole thing using body-mounted cameras along with one hand held. A few days into the trip, Derek is attacked and left unconscious by a woman he picked up at a night club. From that point forward, unbeknownst to them, they are documenting something very different. As Derek starts to experience strange symptoms both physically and mentally they realize they are in a race against time to find out what his affliction is and how to stop it.

Outside of the foreseeable shaky camera shots, I enjoyed everything about this movie. The story was original, the characters were sympathetic, and the atmosphere was effective. The pacing was brilliant and built tension all the way up to the end (and even during the credits). The action scenes are really fun, and some of the special effects are well above average. It will be interesting to see where Lee and Prowse go with their next film. They seem to be very capable, and are also decent enough actors that they can be on both sides of the camera and make a quality movie.

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