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Posted February 12, 2016 by MikeD in featured

“400 Days” is a movie of a hundred plot holes and one horrible ending

400 days 1

Written and directed by: Matt Osterman

Starring: Brandon Routh, Dane Cook, Caity Lotz, Ben Feldman, and Tom Cavanagh

The premise for writer/director Matt Osterman’s film “400 Days” is an interesting one. Four astronauts are chosen to take part in an underground simulation of deep space travel for… you guessed it… 400 days. The simulation is supposed to test the psychological effects of long-term, deep space travel and if the four young astronauts can make it the entire 400 days they will get to go on the real mission that they have been training for.

The cast is heavily on loan from the CW channel. Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz, Ben Feldman, and Dane Cook (yes THAT Dane Cook) all share the majority of the screen time. For the most part they do just fine. It is the script (“If we go outside… we lose!”) and the insane amount of plot holes that really hurt the movie. It felt like Osterman just couldn’t decide what to do with the story. The first half of the film makes you think it is going to be a slow-burn psycho thriller. So you settle in and get ready to know the characters. The problem is you don’t really get to know them at all. They just go from sci-fi movie stereotypes to hallucinating, confused dummies in a matter of fifteen minutes of movie time.

400 days 2

Then… just when you think things couldn’t get more frustrating, things go from confusing (and a little boring) to WTF. Be warned there are some mild spoilers coming. After a terrifying encounter with a deformed man (probably the most effective scene in the movie), the four protagonists decide to see just what the hell is going on outside their “Ship”. When they climb out of the hatch they find Earth to be a frozen, barren wasteland. Long story short, they find out from a creepy local (Cavanagh) that the moon exploded… and the moon dust covered Earth… and everyone is dead… and I sort of checked out at that point. Then a bunch of silly cliche horror moments happen. There are absolutely no answers to any of the questions asked in the first half of the film. I can still tell you though that after all of that the ending was the worst part. It basically left me feeling like Brandon Routh in the picture below.

400 days

So yeah… I didn’t care much for “400 Days”. If you want a good, indie sci-fi flick to watch check out “Infini” or “The Machine”. Unless you are a huge fan of one or more of the actors here “400 Days” just isn’t worth the watch.



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